NCAA Proposal to Change DII Transfer Process

At the NCAA Convention in January 2020, NCAA Division II colleges and universities will be voting on a proposal to implement the “Transfer Portal” with governing rules similar to those now used at NCAA DI Universities.

If approved, the proposal will not take effect until August 2020 and will benefit student-athletes who choose to transfer during or after the 2020-21 academic year. Also, once a Division II student-athlete submits their transfer notification, their college would have 7 calendar days to submit their name into the Transfer Portal.

At recent NCAA meetings in Atlanta, there were differing viewpoints of whether this proposal should be implemented.

  • The Division II Management Council, a committee consisting of Division II athletic administrators from campuses and conference offices, voiced their support,
  • The Division II Presidents Council voted to oppose the proposal.

We’ll see how this plays out at the NCAA Convention and I’ll report back to you after the vote in January.

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