NCAA Recruiting Continues During Pandemic

Coaches in NCAA Division I programs may be in a recruiting Dead Period through the end of August, but that hasn’t stopped them from recruiting and seeking commitments from talented high school athletes. You can see posts every day on social media about “offers” that recruits are receiving.

While Division I coaches can’t leave campus to conduct recruiting activity and can’t have face-to-face interaction with recruits or parents/families during a Dead Period, that doesn’t mean that you can’t visit a campus of your own choosing to walk around the campus and get a sense of what it might be like to attend a particular university.

If you have questions about the recruiting rules, you may want to consider booking a confidential recruiting rules consult.

During the consult, we will review the recruiting rules that pertain specifically to your athlete and answer any questions that you have about the recruiting process, campus visits, eligibility, National Letter of Intent and Scholarships.

If the situation warrants, we will also discuss any other resources or services that might be helpful for making the best decision for your family.

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