What Student-Athletes Should ask their Compliance Admin Before an NCAA Waiver is Submitted

When an NCAA university is preparing a waiver on your athlete’s behalf to go directly to the NCAA national office, such as an Academic Eligibility or Extension of Eligibility Waiver, it is important to have a candid conversation with the compliance administrator at your athlete’s university prior to the waiver being submitted.

One important question to ask the compliance administrator is: “if the initial waiver is denied, are you willing to submit an appeal to give our athlete one more try for approval?”

On waivers submitted to the NCAA, there is an item with the initial decision that states: “If you accept this decision, click “I Accept” below.”

  • If that item is checked, then the case will be closed. It’s important to not check “I Accept” if your institution intends to appeal the decision.
  • An appeal generally must be submitted within 30 days of the date that the original NCAA decision was issued.

We have seen situations in which an athlete or family wanted to know about their rights to appeal the denial of a waiver decision by the NCAA, only to have the university tell them “It’s too late to appeal, we’ve already accepted the NCAA’s decision.” It then becomes just that much harder to gain the opportunity to appeal.

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