What Student-Athletes Should Consider BEORE Withdrawing From Classes!

A question that we often receive early in the school year is whether an athlete can withdraw from some or all of their classes without an eligibility “penalty.” Common reasons that an athlete might want to withdraw include second thoughts about their college choice, or due to an injury or illness.

If your athlete has already started attending their college classes this Fall as a full-time enrolled student, I hope you’ll keep the following in mind:

  • Withdrawing from just one class may not harm their eligibility if they will still be carrying a full-time course load. However, in most cases, withdrawing from all of their classes will negatively impact their eligibility now and also in the future at their current college or at a new college that they may transfer to.
  • Dropping a course later in the term to avoid a failing grade that will hurt the athlete’s GPA may be OK, but you should encourage them to finish the semester (or quarter) if possible, instead of withdrawing from their courses. If they withdraw from all courses, they’ll lose all their academic credits for this term which can impact future eligibility.

To discuss a potential withdrawal situation and how it could impact your athlete’s eligibility, schedule an Eligibility Consult online, e-mail rick@informedathlete.com or call our office at 913-766-1235.