NCAA Transfer Rules – Attending Junior College? Make sure you’re a Qualifier!

Student-Athletes who start their college career at a junior college, should keep in mind the NCAA eligibility and transfer rules that may apply to them should they end up transferring from the JUCO to an NCAA Division I or II program.

Why?  So that the athlete can meet the academic eligibility requirements for a 2-4 transfer to be immediately eligible for competition when they transfer to the NCAA college.

I recommend that all high school athletes – in any sport – who desire to play at the college level should strive to achieve the academic requirements to be a “Qualifier” for NCAA Division I and II. It is possible to be a Qualifier for Division II, but NOT for Division I, so athletes should strive to achieve both.

If you’re a “Qualifier” it will make the transfer process from junior college easier as you will have fewer academic requirements to satisfy for eligibility.

A “Non-Qualifier” who attends a JUCO and then plans to transfer to a Division I or II program is required to graduate from the JUCO and/or will be required:

  • To attend the JUCO for at least three semesters, and
  • To have at least six-semester hours of transferable English credit, three semester-hours of transferable math credit, and three semester hours of transferable science credit.

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