NCAA Division I Spring Transfer Portal Windows Still Open as of June 6, 2024

While some Division I Spring Sport Transfer Portal Windows have closed, the Window for some Spring Sports are still open.

  • Baseball: Through July 2
  • Men’s Golf: Through June 6
  • Lacrosse: Through June 10
  • Women’s Rowing: Through June 26
  • Softball: Through June 17
  • Outdoor Track and Field: Through June 21

Other reminders for Division I athletes:

  • Under the new Transfer Eligibility and Transfer Portal rules that were adopted by Division I in late April, a student-athlete who has received or will be receiving their undergrad degree by the end of the summer and will be transferring as a Postgraduate student, must enter the Transfer Portal by the closing Portal date for their sport.
  • The exception to the Transfer Portal dates that had previously existed for Division I student-athletes who are transferring as a non-scholarship athlete is no longer available. D1 walk-on student-athletes who are planning to transfer to another NCAA university must enter the Portal by the closing date for their sport.
  • There is still a 30-day Transfer Window available for Division I student-athletes immediately following their coach being fired or leaving to take another job.

There is also a 30-day Transfer Window available for Division I student-athletes after they have been officially notified by their school’s financial aid office that their athletic scholarship is being cancelled, reduced or not renewed.

Do You Have Questions?

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