NCAA Name, Image & Likeness Recruiting Violation

In what I think may be the first reported NCAA Infractions Case of its’ type and signals that the NCAA is finally starting to set boundaries for NIL activities and involvement of NIL Collectives:

The Florida State University football program was recently penalized for the actions of an assistant football coach in arranging impermissible recruiting contact between a transfer recruit and a booster.

During an official visit by the transfer recruit, the assistant coach “…transported the prospect and his parents to and from an off-campus meeting with a booster, who at the time was the chief executive officer of an NIL that also was a booster.” The booster offered the prospect an NIL opportunity through the Collective a large amount of money per month during his first year at the school.

The penalties imposed on the Florida State football program include:

  • A three-year disassociation from the booster.
  • A one-year disassociation from the collective.
  • A reduction of five scholarships for the football program.
  • Reductions in official visits, off-campus recruiting opportunities and recruiting communications.

Those of you who may have interest in more details regarding this case can access the official NCAA case report via the link copied below: