NJCAA Football Letter of Intent Signing Period

Junior college football programs that are members of the NJCAA can also start signing high school seniors to an NJCAA Letter of Intent (LOI) beginning Wednesday, February 5. (Note: All other NJCAA sports have a November 1 start date for signing an LOI.)

It’s important to note that unlike the NCAA National Letter of Intent (NLI), an NJCAA LOI can be issued to a recruit even if no athletic scholarship is being offered to the recruit.

As a result, even though a recruit who signs an NJCAA LOI may not be receiving any athletic scholarship funding, the recruit is still committing themselves to attend that particular junior college for one full academic year.

Once an athlete has signed an NJCAA LOI, they can’t sign with or contact coaches at other NJCAA colleges about a possible transfer until the recruit is released from their LOI or has completed one full year of attendance at that junior college.

Do you Have Questions?

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