One NCAA Athlete’s Transfer Experience – a Behind-the-Scenes Look

One of our clients recently shared their son’s personal experience as a baseball transfer and granted permission for us to share it anonymously with our readers.

Many of you have had your own transfer experience, but this is the first time that we’ve received this level of detailed feedback about going through a transfer. We thought some of you may find this of interest:

“Hi Rick,

Just wanted to update you on son’s transfer status:

XXXX was admitted to XXXX as a mid-year baseball transfer last week. He is excited to say the least. Arm health permitting he is eligible to play in Spring 2020.

Below are some take-aways from son’s very quick mid-year transfer experience:

– His original school did a good job getting him on NCAA Transfer Portal, no issues there.

-Transfer Portal brought significant interest from numerous D2’s and even JUCOs, maybe 15-20 over course of 2-weeks. I believe only one D1 contacted him through the portal. 

– Most traction came from son reaching out to programs who saw him before his surgery. They were all willing to bank on him getting back to his pre-surgery low-90s.

– Within the first 5-days he had target interest from five D1s and multiple high academic D3s. 

– Had offers from several schools.

– Committed to D3 XXX and with coach support was admitted Early Decision earlier this month.

– The transfer process was quick, with fall baseball ending in late October and mid-year transfer application deadlines being November 1 for schools that offer mid-year transfer.

That’s it, Rick. Thanks for all your counsel.”

Need Advice?

Considering a transfer to another school can be extremely stressful and so overwhelming that many student-athletes quit their sport altogether and sometimes they drop out of school.

We understand the frustration, anger, fear and insecurities that often result.  It doesn’t have to be that way – Rick Allen can help guide you through the process.

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