Options for Student-Athletes Who are Injured Early in Season

If you’re a college athlete who is a few weeks into your winter sport season, currently injured, and not sure what your options are for this season, you may want to contact us to discuss whether you might qualify for a Medical Hardship Waiver.

There are specific rules that must be satisfied to receive a Medical Hardship Waiver and those rules vary between the different levels of college athletics.

In addition, for athletes who have the misfortune to miss two different seasons in their sport due to “circumstances beyond their control” it may be possible to receive a waiver for a 6th year of eligibility.

In a private, confidential phone consult, we can discuss the guidelines for obtaining a Medical Hardship Waiver and/or an “extension of eligibility” waiver and advise you on how to request a waiver. Schedule a confidential Waivers & Appeals Consult online, call 766-1235 or write to rick@informedathlete.com.