Our Story

Informed Athlete’s mission is to make a difference and lessen the stress in the lives of student-athletes and their parents.

We do this by providing information, guidance, and resources so they can make informed decisions that will provide the best opportunity for a positive outcome, both academically and athletically.

Since 2008, Informed Athlete has helped thousands
of student-athletes and their families navigate through the maze of NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA rules.  We focus on 4 areas:

  • College recruiting
  • Academic and athletic eligibility
  • Academic and athletic scholarships
  • College athletic transfers.

The idea for Informed Athlete
came to us in 2006 after many years of sitting in bleachers and traveling to watch our own son play baseball and having parents frequently approaching Rick to ask his advice and answer questions related to their sons and daughters. We realized we could combine our skills to help families and student-athletes navigate through their often confusing, complicated, and overwhelming situations.

We also have walked in parents’ shoes with first-hand understanding and experience
when our son was recruited to a Big 12 institution and received an athletic and academic scholarship. He later went through the transfer process himself with an optimum outcome.


About Rick Allen

RicRick Allen, Co-Founderk Allen  was one of the first full time NCAA compliance directors in the country.  He worked on-campus at two major Division I universities for over 25 years before transitioning to consulting with athletic departments around the country.

Because of his many years of hands-on experience working with and interpreting the NCAA rules, he has a thorough understanding of how they work, how they are implemented, and how they overlap.  He explains the rules in a way that helps parents and athletes thoroughly understand what the rules mean and how they apply to their unique situation.

His credentials include:

  • 25+ years experience working directly with NCAA compliance rules and procedures at two major DI Universities.
  • Current member, past President and board member of National Association for Athletic Compliance.
  • Conducts compliance reviews at athletic departments of NCAA member institutions throughout the U.S.
  • Consults with NAIA schools transitioning to NCAA membership.
  • Consults on compliance rules and issues with private companies who provide services to athletes and/or NCAA member institutions throughout the U.S.
  • Stays current with NCAA, NAIA, and NCJAA recruiting, eligibility, scholarship, and transfer trends, practices, and rules.

About Julie Allen

Julie Allen - Co-Founder & Marketing DirectorJulie Allen, Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Informed Athlete, has over 25 years direct, online, and customer loyalty marketing experience.

She began her marketing career as a database programmer working with clubs and organizations to manage and organize their data and has worked with banks, restaurants, tech schools, museums, non-profits, and small businesses helping them build strong communication and loyal relationships with their customers.


Privacy Policy:

We maintain a strict privacy policy:  Our loyalty is to our clients and any info that clients share is protected and kept in complete confidence and is not divulged or shared with any outside source without our clients’ authorization..