Student-Athletes: Read Before Talking to Coach About a Transfer!

We are often asked during a phone consultation “What is the best time for our son or daughter to inform their coach and school that they want to transfer?” Certainly, this will depend upon a number of factors.

Here are important things to consider before an athlete enters their name into the Transfer Portal:

  • Did the athlete sign a National Letter of Intent with this college, and how long have they been enrolled there?
  • Has the athlete already started competing during their season and triggered the use of a season of eligibility? (Or, for NCAA Division III athletes, have they continued practicing with their team even if they are not playing in games for their college?)
  • Is there an injury or illness involved which might permit them to receive a medical hardship waiver?
  • Is the athlete planning to finish out the academic year at their current college, or would they prefer to leave at the semester?
  • Do they want to retain their athletic scholarship through the conclusion of the academic year?
  • Does the athlete feel that it’s more important for them to finish out their current season with their teammates or do they want to get started right away on being able to contact coaches at other colleges?

What frequently happens once an athlete requests placement in the Transfer Portal

Once a student-athlete tells their coach they’re planning to transfer, they are often removed from the team. In addition, sometimes, the athlete will be asked to sign a form stating that they are voluntarily withdrawing from their team. Signing a withdrawal form can result in the athlete’s scholarship being immediately cancelled.

Do you Need Help Navigating the Transfer Process?

Schedule a confidential Transfers consultation online or call us at 913-766-1235.  In a confidential consultation, we’ll discuss your student-athlete’s current situation, the factors that should be considered before taking action, and the steps and rules involved with a transfer to another university.