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A recruiting coach’s job is to sell their school in the best light possible.
YOUR job as a recruit or parent of a college recruit is to have as much accurate information as possible to make a decision that is based on what is the best fit for you!

Many athletes make their choice based on incomplete or inaccurate info received during the recruiting visit and then later come to regret their decision and want to transfer.
A transfer from one university to another can be extremely stressful and also very costly if a scholarship isn’t available at the next college, and if some academic credits won’t transfer to the next university.
In almost 10 years of working with college athletes and their families as well as many years prior to that as a Division I compliance director, we’ve learned that many transfers occur because an athlete or family didn’t know what to expect, which questions to ask, or what to look for when they were making campus visits.
Our Informed Athlete’s Comprehensive Guide to Campus Visitsincludes:

  • The rules regarding official and unofficial visits for athletic recruiting
  • Walks you “behind the scenes” and gives you a real-life example of what you can expect during a campus visit
  • Includes questions to ask and things to look for when making those campus visits so you can make a more informed decision.

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so you can make the most of your campus visits
and make an informed decision!  

We also offer Recruiting Advisory Consult Calls where you can ask questions regarding anything related to the recruiting process, including preparing for your official and/or unofficial campus visits and reviewing what you learned during the visit, discuss any scholarship or walk-on offers that were made, etc.

As always, anything you share is held in very strict confidence!  Informed Athlete’s is only concerned with what is in the athlete’s best interest!

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