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NCAA coaches and athletes have limitations on the amount of time that can be required each week for “Countable Athletically Related Activities” (commonly referred to as “CARA” hours).

  • In normal times, those limitations on CARA hours will vary depending upon whether a sport is “in-season” or “out-of-season.”
  • However, due to COVID-19, all sports are now considered to be “out-of-season.”

Because of this situation, NCAA Division I recently issued the following two updates on the amount of time each week that coaches can require of their student-athletes.

  • To allow Division I student-athletes uninterrupted time to study and prepare for final exams, all countable athletically related activities are prohibited from one week before the start of that university’s final exam period through the conclusion of final exams.
  • Also, with the exception of the final exam restriction noted above, all sports can require up to 8 hours per week of virtual non-physical countable activities (such as film review, chalk talk, team meetings) through May 31 in order to keep athletes engaged and to be aware of their mental health during these challenging times. Each coaching staff must provide at least one day off per week that is free of any required activity.

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