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If you’re a high school athlete, are you sure that you’re on track to meet the NCAA academic requirements to receive an athletic scholarship and compete as a freshman?

The freshman academic eligibility requirements recently changed for NCAA Division I and Division II.

It’s very important to know the academic requirements that you’ll have to meet to be eligible for athletic scholarships, competition, or even practice during your freshman year.

Also, if you’re planning to start off at a junior college before moving on to a four-year college, it’s important to know that the academic requirements for a 2-4 transfer (two-year college to four-year college) to be eligible are different depending upon your Qualifier or Non-Qualifier status when you finish high school, as well as what level of four-year college you’re transferring to.

If you’d like us to review your high school transcript to make sure that you’re on pace to meet the NCAA academic requirements, contact us at rick@informedathlete.com or call 913-766-1235 to sign up for our Freshmen Eligibility and Transcript Review service.