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In next week’s newsletter, there will be an article about recent NCAA Infractions penalties imposed on two DI universities because of boosters providing very substantial impermissible benefits to athletes and recruits.

Those types of stories “grab the headlines” when the value of such benefits amount to thousands of dollars. But athletes can also be ruled ineligible for even seemingly “harmless” benefits such as a booster providing them a ride or buying them a meal or a birthday gift.

An impermissible benefit or “extra benefit” is any benefit or arrangement provided to a student-athlete or their family members that isn’t specifically authorized by NCAA rules.

If a student-athlete is ruled ineligible because of an impermissible benefit, reinstatement can only be restored by the NCAA. This is often a lengthy drawn-out process.

Examples of impermissible benefits from a booster include:

  • A loan of money in any amount
  • The loan or use of a car, truck, or other transportation (even if the athlete reimburses the driver for gas or mileage)
  • Co-signing a loan with an athlete
  • A free or reduced-cost service not available to the university’s general student body (such as a free meal or movie, or a discount on a haircut or the repair of a car or bike)
  • Selling or trading team equipment or apparel (gloves, cleats, jerseys), or a bowl game gift or a conference or NCAA championship ring

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