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Even though all NJCAA spring sports have been cancelled, and winter sports were either cancelled or had already concluded, student-athletes in those sports are still not “recruitable” by other NJCAA member colleges until the spring academic term has ended at the athlete’s current college.

A spring sport athlete currently attending an NJCAA college who plans to possibly transfer should be told by a coach at another NJCAA program that they can’t discuss a transfer until the conclusion of this term at the athlete’s current college.

JUCO Student-athletes transferring to NCAA Division I or II programs should keep in mind that there are specific academic requirements that must be achieved to be immediately eligible at an NCAA Division I or II university.

The NCAA academic requirements are different for Division I compared to Division II, and can also depend upon the student-athlete’s status as a “Qualifier” as well as how many semesters they have attended at their JUCO.

There are, however, two NCAA rules/requirements that apply to a junior college transfer regardless of whether they are transferring to a Division I or II university:

-The first is that a JUCO transfer can only use 2 credit hours of Physical Education Activity courses toward the required transferable degree credits, unless the athlete is going to major in Physical Education or another major which calls for additional credit hours in those types of courses.

-The second consistent requirement is that remedial-level courses taken at a junior college can’t be used to satisfy the academic requirements for immediate eligibility when transferring from a junior college to an NCAA university.

If you have questions about the NCAA academic requirements that JUCO student-athletes must meet to be immediately eligible at an NCAA university, click Transfer Consult Options to learn how we can help.

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