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We realize that this is a very uncertain time for current college athletes.

  • Your sport rosters may be overcrowded.
  • Maybe your season has been postponed or cancelled.
  • Or perhaps your season is being moved from the Fall to the Spring.
  • You’re not sure whether your classes will be in-person or online as the semester progresses.

If you are a student-athlete who is considering a transfer or is considering taking a term off from college (or the parent of one) and would like to have a complete understanding of the rules that will impact your specific situation, we can help. We will answer all your questions, discuss options and help you develop an action plan to move forward in these uncertain times.

Schedule a confidential Transfer Consult or Eligibility Consult online or you can contact us at 913-766-1235 or rick@informedathlete.com.

Academic Eligibility issues affect student-athletes at all levels from high school, to junior college, and 4-year universities. Not knowing, understanding, and meeting the eligibility rules can have serious short and long-term consequences. Problems meeting the eligibility standards can set back and even derail a student-athlete’s entire athletic career.

Academic Eligibility Rules are different at each level (NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA), each division (NCAA Division I, II, III), and even at different conferences and schools.

The worst thing I had to do when I worked on campus was tell a student-athlete they weren’t academically eligible and couldn’t play their sport.  It’s one of the primary reasons we started Informed Athlete over 12 years ago.  

Some of the questions we are frequently asked include:

  • What are the consequences if my student-athlete doesn’t meet the eligibility requirements as an incoming freshman?
  • What are eligibility requirements for my student-athlete to compete at the Division and level they desire?
  • What happens if my student-athlete accepts a scholarship offer, enrolls and begins classes, and then is told they aren’t eligible to compete?
  • What other ways can a student-athlete lose their eligibility?
  • Can a student-athlete extend their eligibility if they have extenuating circumstances?
  • What if my student-athlete has a learning disability that was undiagnosed or they didn’t want to share?
  • Will my student-athlete lose their scholarship money if they lose their eligibility?

Do you have questions about your athlete’s eligibility? 

Here are some ways we help student-athletes and their families.  ALL information shared is private and confidential – nothing is shared with schools, coaches, etc. unless you specifically ask us to contact someone for info on your behalf.

In a Confidential Eligibility Issues Consult, we will review the eligibility rules that specifically pertain to your athlete and answer your questions. We will also discuss the options that are available depending on the situation – including the possibility of an academic eligibility or extension of eligibility waiver (see Waivers & Appeals).

With a Freshman Transcript Review Service, we will:

  • Compare the courses completed with the courses approved by the NCAA Eligibility Center.
  • Review your ACT or SAT test scores, and determine the GPA that will be needed for eligibility,
  • Provide a written assessment of the subjects that need to be completed to satisfy initial eligibility requirements.
  • Suggest steps and discuss a plan of action that may be available to satisfy eligibility requirements.

With a college athlete transcript review, we will:

  • Inform you of the changing NCAA and/or NAIA transfer requirements,
  • Compare courses you’ve taken with the academic requirements for a transfer athlete,
  • Inform you of any specific subject requirements or limitations for your transfer situation, and
  • Review consequences and options for your situation based on completed courses, deadlines, and any rules that apply specifically to certain sports (such as mid-year transfers in Division I baseball or basketball)

Give us a call at 913-766-1235 or send an email to rick@informedathlete.com if you have questions about our services.

If you are a college athlete (or parent of one) who struggled in the classroom this Fall and your academic eligibility for the Spring Semester is in doubt, it’s possible that your coach or athletic department could choose to cancel your athletic scholarship for the second semester if you are not eligible for competition.

In one situation two years ago, we consulted with an international athlete who flew home to Europe for the holiday period knowing that he had struggled academically, but he had not been informed that his scholarship was being cancelled for the second semester.

After paying substantial money for his return flight to the US in January and arriving on campus, he learned that he had no scholarship for the Spring when his meal card was denied as “invalid” in the campus cafeteria.

His family was faced with the choice of him staying in school and finding the means to pay for it, or to purchase another plane ticket to bring him home when they were not prepared for that expense so soon after the holiday.

If you are concerned with your academic eligibility and how it could affect your scholarship, contact us at 913-766-1235 or send an e-mail to rick@informedathlete.com to schedule a private phone or Skype consultation.