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We get many calls this time of year when coaching changes are announced as Fall season sports wind down. In this article, I address some of the common questions we are asked.

Does an NCAA coaching change give me a “free” transfer?

A coaching change (whether the coach is fired or leaves of their own choosing) does not change anything about the steps to follow in a transfer or about whether an athlete can be immediately eligible at their new college upon transfer.

Does an NCAA coaching change affect my scholarship?

When a head coaching change occurs at the NCAA DI level, it is possible for the new coach to deny a returning athlete a spot on the roster. The University would be required to continue the athlete’s scholarship as long as the athlete makes satisfactory progress toward their degree. However, if the athlete wishes to continue competing in their sport, they will have to transfer in order to do so.

Does an NCAA coaching change void my NLI commitment?

When an athlete signs an NLI, they are signing with the university not with a particular coach. While some schools will grant an NLI release after a coaching change, that’s not always the case.

Do You Have Questions?

If you have questions about an NCAA coaching change and how your athlete might be affected, schedule a confidential scholarship strategies consult online or call us at 913-766-1235.

An NCAA Division I scholarship rule, which was implemented last year, applies specifically when there has been a coaching change during the current academic year or leading into the new academic year.

In this situation, a student-athlete can continue on scholarship at their Division I university to complete their degree even if the new coach doesn’t invite them back next season and if they choose not to transfer.

With calls we’re getting, this rule is apparently being used in ways that were not intended, and you need to be aware of this if you find yourself in this situation.

Some Division I coaches, when newly hired, are taking advantage of this rule to remake their rosters. They will tell athletes “Hey, you can continue to go to school here on scholarship until you receive your degree, but you no longer have a spot on the team and will never play here.”

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