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At the recent NCAA Regional Rules Workshop, NCAA staff announced the rollout of a new Degree Completion Assistance Program for former DI basketball athletes who qualify.

Effective August 1, 2019, NCAA Division I athletic programs will be required to provide tuition, fees, and books (but not room and board) for their former men’s and women’s basketball athletes who meet all of the following criteria:

  • Participated at that particular university in men’s or women’s basketball;
  • Received an athletic scholarship from the university;
  • Were enrolled at the university for at least two academic years;
  • Satisfied Progress-Toward-Degree requirements at the time the athlete left campus;
  • Has not attended another university as a full-time student since departure;
  • Satisfies university re-admission and financial aid requirements;
  • Departed the university within the last 10 years; AND
  • Has exhausted other degree completion funding opportunities (such as the NBA Tuition Reimbursement program).

Athletes who might qualify for this program should contact the Compliance office at the university where they played basketball.