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With the changes to the NCAA Division I transfer rules that have been implemented over the last 18 months, starting with the introduction of the Transfer Portal starting in October 2018 and continuing through to recent changes, some student-athletes have assumed that they can transfer and “automatically” be eligible to compete in their first year of attendance at another university.

Student-athletes who are or have been on an athletic scholarship at their previous school must remember that in order to use the One-Time Transfer Exception, or to receive a waiver from the NCAA to be immediately eligible, it is necessary that the previous school not have an objection to the student-athletes’ transfer.

Also, even for those student-athletes who have never received an athletic scholarship, there are certain academic requirements that they must satisfy to be eligible for competition in their first year of attendance at another university.

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The NCAA’s DI transfer rule change will help qualified DI non-scholarship student-athletes to be immediately eligible in their first season at a new university.

At the recent NCAA Rules Seminar in Indianapolis, I got additional clarification which I’m sharing in this blog post.

Walk-on/Non-recruited Transfer Exceptions

An athlete transferring to a Division I university next Fall as an undergraduate will have the chance to be immediately eligible if:

  • The athlete’s previous four-year college provided athletic scholarships in their sport, but the athlete has not received an athletic scholarship, OR
  • The athlete’s previous four-year college did not provide athletic scholarships, and the athlete was not “recruited” by the previous four-year college.

There is one aspect of this change that has NOT received much publicity at all, but is one that has previously been a concern for many of our clients:

The university these athletes will be leaving WILL NOT BE ABLE TO OBJECT to the athlete being immediately eligible next year at their new university.

However, it IS necessary to be academically eligible at the time you leave your previous university in order to receive an athletic scholarship in your first year at a new Division I university.

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From the emails and the phone calls we receive, there is a lot of interest in the possibility of NCAA Division I transfer rule changes– especially in the sports of baseball, basketball, football and men’s ice hockey where athletes are often required to serve a “year in residence” at their new university before they can represent their new school in competition.

At the current time, the only proposed change in the NCAA Division I transfer rules is one that would eliminate the requirement that an athlete must receive “permission to contact” from their current university before coaches at other universities could speak with the athlete or his/her family or representative regarding a possible transfer.

The change – if approved – would result in the athlete only being required to provide written “notification of transfer” to their university that they are planning to transfer and then their name would be added to a database of transferring athletes.  Once an athlete’s name is added to the database (to be managed by the NCAA) coaches at other universities could contact them regarding a transfer.

The earliest date for this proposed change to be voted on is in April but could be delayed until June so that other transfer rule changes can be voted on as a “package.”

There is no proposed change “in the mix” at this time regarding immediate eligibility for a transferring athlete in the specific sports named above.  We’ll have updates in future newsletters when there are new developments regarding transfers.

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