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  • High school recruits who are entering their junior year of high school are allowed to take official visits to Division I universities beginning August 1st in all sports other than baseball, women’s basketball, football, lacrosse and softball.
  • For the Division I sports of baseball, lacrosse and softball, the first opportunity is September 1st of a recruit’s junior year of high school.
  • For women’s basketball, the first opportunity is January 1st of the junior year of high school while April 1st of the junior year of high school is the first opportunity for Division I football recruits.

For Division II programs, all sports can provide a recruit with an official visit beginning June 15 preceding the recruit’s junior year of high school.

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Recruits to NCAA Division I programs who have already made an official visit to a Division I campus are permitted an additional official visit to the same university if that sport program has had a head coaching change since the recruit’s original official visit.

This is an exception to the rule that limits a university to provide only one official visit to a recruit. Once a new head coach is hired at a Division I university, it is now permissible for a recruit to make a 2nd official visit to that university.

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