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The NCAA Division I Board of Directors recently took action that they believe will reduce the seemingly constant/continuous flow of athletes entering the Transfer Portal that we’ve seen over the past year. They’re doing this by restricting Division I athletes to Transfer Portal “Windows.”

As a result, NCAA Division I athletes who want to transfer to another university will ONLY be allowed to enter the Transfer Portal during limited windows of time.

These Transfer Portal “Windows” generally are:

For Fall Sport Athletes – a 45-day period beginning the day after championship selections are made for that sport, or May 1-15.

For Winter Sport Athletes – a 60-day period beginning the day after championship selections are made for that sport.

For Spring Sport Athletes – December 1-15, or a 45-day period beginning the day after championship selections are made for that sport.

Exceptions to the “Windows” for entering the Transfer Portal will be available for Division I athletes who:

  • Have a change of head coach
  • Have their athletic scholarship reduced, cancelled, or not renewed (for limited reasons)
  • Can use a Transfer Exception other than the One-Time Transfer Exception to be eligible for competition in their first year at their new university (such as the Non-scholarship or Discontinued Sport Transfer Exceptions)

Other Situations:

  • A current Division I Spring sport athlete who is planning to transfer to another Division I program to be eligible this coming Spring season (not available for baseball or basketball transfers) is NOT required to wait until December to enter the Transfer Portal. This is the last “class” of athletes who are not subject to the Transfer Portal Windows noted above.
  • A current Division I student-athlete who is planning to transfer AWAY from Division I (e.g., Division II, III or NAIA) WILL still be restricted to the Windows noted above to enter the Transfer Portal.
  • However, student-athletes currently enrolled at an institution OTHER THAN Division I will NOT be restricted to entering the Transfer Portal during these windows (but will need to be aware of the Transfer rules within their own Division, such as the June 15 deadline for NCAA Division II athletes).

If you think the new Transfer Portal Window rules and exceptions are confusing, here are a couple of comments I’ve seen on social media from some of my Division I compliance friends at various universities:

  • “Proposal 2022-20 takes the lead for the worst legislation adopted.”
  • “I can honestly say this is the most frustrating NCAA rule change rollout that I have ever encountered.”

Also, I think it’s worth noting that a Q&A document that the NCAA is developing (and updating weekly) for Division I compliance administrators is now 6 pages long.

Are you Confused and Need Advice?

For assistance in navigating all the steps and rules to successfully transfer to an NCAA university, schedule a confidential Transfer Consult online to review the transfer rules and academic requirements that will apply to your student-athlete. You can also contact us by sending an email to rick@informedathlete.com or by calling 913-766-1235.

We’ve recently been contacted by some athletes who have been told by their NCAA Division I head coach that their scholarship won’t be renewed for next year.

Others have told us that their coach is telling them that they should transfer and that “we’ll help you with your transfer to another school.”

We encourage athletes and families to consider their possible options and not react too quickly to such news. Reacting too quickly without knowing your options may place you in an even worse position.

For example: If a Division I coach is telling your athlete that they aren’t renewing their scholarship for next year, what they might NOT be saying is that the athlete has the right to appeal that decision to the campus Financial Aid Appeal Committee.

However, if the athlete enters the Transfer Portal before the hearing takes place, the athlete may be forfeiting their right to request an appeal hearing. That’s because the university has the right to terminate the scholarship of an athlete who enters the Transfer Portal at the end of the semester in which the athlete enters the Portal.

Do You Need Help?

If you would like to discuss the rights and options that an athlete can consider when their scholarship is being threatened, schedule a Scholarship Strategies consult online. Or you can send an email to rick@informedathlete.com or call 913-766-1235 to schedule a session.

Two questions that we are frequently asked by DI and DII student-athletes regarding the transfer process are:

NCAA DI Student-Athlete:Do I still need to be in the NCAA Transfer Portal if I’ve been cut from the team or have withdrawn from my school?

NCAA DII Student-Athlete:Do I still need to have “permission to contact” if I’ve been cut from the team or have withdrawn from my school?

In most cases, that answer is “yes.”

In both of the above cases, if a student-athlete is cut from team or withdraws from the school, they have 2 choices:

  • An NCAA DI Student-Athlete should inform their coach and compliance office in writing that they want to be placed into the NCAA Transfer Portal.
  • An NCAA DII Student-Athlete should send an email to their coach and compliance office to request “permission to contact.”


  • If either the NCAA DI or DII student-athlete chooses not to do the above, then they must wait one full academic year after withdrawal from their school before contacting other coaches about transferring.

So, even if your athlete left their team at the end of the Fall semester, or were cut from the team by their coach, they still need to be added to the Transfer Portal or request permission to contact other universities if they’re planning to transfer to a Division I or II program.

If you have other questions about what you should or should not do when considering a transfer, call us at 913-766-1235 to schedule a Transfer Consult Call.