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Student-athletes at NCAA Division III colleges who are preparing to start their fall season should know that the “redshirt” rule is quite different for Division III than it is for NCAA Division I and II athletes.

NCAA Division III rules require that an athlete be charged with one of their four “seasons of participation” if they practice with their team after the first game of the season – even if they never appear in an actual game against another team.

This happened to a client of ours two years ago. The athlete’s father contacted us to ask about his son’s redshirt season because he had left the team after just one week of the season.

However, since he continued practicing with the team after the first game of the season, he was charged with a “season of participation” for that season, and at that time had three seasons remaining rather than the four that the father thought his son had.

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What are the options for an NCAA student-athlete who will have enough credits for their undergraduate degree by the end of the Fall 2019 but will still have eligibility remaining?

An athlete in this situation could:

  1. Graduate at the end of the Fall 2019 term and then continue on during Spring semester as an undergrad pursuing an additional minor or a second baccalaureate degree.
  2. Delay graduation until May or June of 2020 by taking less than 12 hours of coursework.
  3. Graduate at end of the Fall 2019 term and begin a graduate program during the Spring of 2020.

PLEASE NOTE: There are requirements for each of these options that are specific to the individual’s academic situation. To learn more, schedule a confidential consult to discuss your student-athlete’s situation with Rick Allen and learn whether or not one of these options is possible.