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NCAA Division I

Student-athletes with NCAA Division I programs have two ways that they can potentially qualify for an Extension of Eligibility Waiver to have an additional year of eligibility added to their “five-year clock.”

  • If the athlete missed one season of competition due to a season-ending injury or illness, AND If they also missed one other season simply due to being redshirted by the coaching staff.
  • OR If the athlete missed two different seasons of competition due to a season-ending injury or illness.

The redshirt year can occur in any year of the athlete’s college enrollment as long as the athlete also missed a different season due to an injury, illness or other circumstance beyond their control (such as a death or serious illness in the family).

NCAA Division II

The information stated above for Division I is the same for Division II with one key difference.

That difference is that if the athlete is using a redshirt year as one of the two seasons that they are referring to in a request for an Extension Waiver, the redshirt year must have occurred in “…their initial year of full-time collegiate enrollment at any institution…”

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But first, let’s cover some background reminders.

During the past 15-16 months, almost all college athletes were granted an automatic Extension of Eligibility for one additional year on their college eligibility “clock” and were not charged with a season of competition in their sport.

These exceptions of normal eligibility rules were and are applicable for a college student-athlete in a Spring 2020 sport or a Fall or Winter sport during the 2020-21 academic year. Those athletes have a six-year “clock” to compete in four seasons in their sport.

Beginning with the Spring 2021 sport season, NCAA Division I and II returned to their normal “season-of-competition” rules.

Those rules require that an athlete is charged with one of their four available seasons of competition if they appear in any amount of game competition, even if it’s only for one inning in baseball or softball or one minute of a lacrosse match (as examples).

Exception: NCAA Division I & II spring sport athletes who had a restricted season schedule may be eligible for a season of competition waiver.

Moving forward from this point, starting this Fall student-athletes will have a five-year or 10-semester window of eligibility in which to compete in their sport. It will be possible for student-athletes to receive an extension waiver for an additional year or two semesters of eligibility in one of two ways:

  • An athlete is redshirted in their true freshman year while eligible and then misses one other season of competition due to a documented injury or illness, OR
  • The athlete misses two different seasons of competition due to a documented injury or illness which prevents them from competing in those seasons.

We’re sharing this information with you so you can possibly “plan ahead” if your athlete redshirted as a freshman during the 2021 spring sport season or incurred a season-ending injury or illness.

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