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Just hours after the announcement on Wednesday by the NCAA Board of Governors directing the three divisions to “…safeguard student-athlete well-being, scholarships, and eligibility…,” Divisions II and III announced that they are cancelling championships in Fall sports.

At the time of that announcement, 11 of the 23 Division II conferences had already announced that they will not compete during the Fall season.

Unfortunately, we are starting to see more reports of colleges and universities that are cancelling Fall sports. Recent examples include Morehouse College in Atlanta, Bowdoin College in Maine, and UMass Boston. Morehouse is an NCAA Division II university, while the other two are members of Division III.

  • If your student-athlete’s season is cancelled by his or her college or university, will they attend that college this Fall?
  • Will they stay home instead where they may be “safer” from contracting Covid?
  • What will happen to their scholarship?

Do You Need Advice?

Due to the uncertainty of this time and the frequent changes being announced by colleges across the country, we may not have all the answers for you. However, we can talk with you confidentially to review key eligibility or scholarship rules to keep in mind as well as possible options that your student-athlete can consider.

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