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For NCAA Division I sports other than basketball and football, the NCAA has approved a waiver to permit student-athletes to compete in outside amateur competition during the Fall 2020 term IF their school has decided to not compete this Fall.

This waiver was granted in response to requests from student-athletes in such sports as soccer and volleyball who asked to compete on outside teams because their college teams had already announced that they will not be competing this Fall.

Currently, this waiver is only an option for Division I student-athletes. However, a similar waiver could be approved to allow Division II and III student-athletes to have the same option.

The following conditions must be satisfied for a student-athlete to participate in such outside competition:

  • Limits that normally apply in certain sports as to the number of student-athletes from a university who can participate on the same outside team (such as summer baseball) will apply under this waiver.
  • A university may not provide expenses for student-athletes to participate in outside competition.
  • Student-athletes must be in good academic standing at their university and if enrolled during the Fall term, cannot miss class to participate in outside competition.

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