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NCAA Division I Transfer Portal Windows for Fall sport athletes:

  • FBS Football: Dec. 4 through Jan. 2
  • FCS Football: Dec. 4 through Jan. 2
  • Men’s Soccer: Nov. 20 through Dec. 19
  • Women’s Volleyball: Dec. 3 through Jan. 1
  • Men’s Water Polo: Nov. 26 through Dec. 25
  • Cross Country: Closed December 17
  • Field Hockey: Closed December 11
  • Women’s Soccer: Closed December 12

Exceptions to the above listed dates:

  • A 30-day Transfer Window is available for Division I student-athletes immediately following their coach being fired or leaving to take another job.
  • It is also possible for Division I athletes who are not receiving an athletic scholarship (or who were not recruited to a non-scholarship program, such as the Ivy Leagues) to enter the Transfer Portal at any time that they choose to do so.

If you have questions about the steps, rules, and academic requirements for your athlete to be eligible at a new university as a transferring athlete, schedule a confidential Transfer Consult online or call 913-766-1235 for more information.

If your athlete’s primary reason for considering a Transfer from their current four-year college to a Division I university is to receive an athletic scholarship, I encourage them to think twice.

I believe that it will be more difficult for a student-athlete doing a 4-4 transfer (one four-year college to another) to receive an athletic scholarship from a Division I program.

The reason is because of the very strict limitations placed on Division I coaches under these new Transfer rules as to when they can cancel or not renew an athletic scholarship that is provided to a 4-4 transfer.

Note that under these new rules:

The ONLY way that a Division I coach will be permitted to cancel or not renew an athletic scholarship granted to a transfer from another four-year college is if the athlete transfers yet again to another college OR if the athlete loses their amateur athletic status.


The Division I university is required to continue the athlete on their athletic scholarship until the athlete’s undergraduate graduation or until the completion of their athletic eligibility, whichever comes first – EVEN if the athlete chooses to quit their team!

Put yourself in the shoes of a Division I coach:

Would you be willing to invest a valuable athletic scholarship in an athlete who transfers to your program while knowing that your program would still need to continue providing that scholarship (and counting it against your team’s scholarship limit) even if the athlete chooses to quit the team?

Do You Need Advice?

For a private discussion of all the factors your student-athlete should consider about a possible transfer, schedule a confidential Transfer Consultation online or call 913-766-1235.