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Athletes who signed an NJCAA Letter of Intent with an NJCAA member two-year college for their freshman year are to be notified no later than June 15 if they are going to be signed to another NJCAA Letter of Intent for their sophomore year.

If they are NOT signed to a new NJCAA Letter of Intent by June 15, they become recruitable by any other NJCAA member college starting June 16.


For athletes on a sport scholarship at an NCAA Division I or Division II university, athletic departments have until July 1 to inform scholarship athletes about the status of their scholarship for the following academic year. The majority of coaches and athletic programs won’t wait that long and will usually inform athletes at the end of the school year.

If your athlete has not been informed regarding the status of their scholarship and their school year has ended, encourage them to ask about that.

Waiting until July 1 to find out that their scholarship has been reduced or cancelled, and then going through the appeal process will leave them very little time to find another college to transfer to if that becomes necessary.

If you have questions or need objective advice about your athlete’s scholarship status for next year, schedule a confidential scholarship strategies consult online, or call 913-766-1235.