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The NJCAA recently changed the medical hardship waiver requirements.   The limitation on the maximum number of games or events is now 30% of a student-athlete’s season rather than 20%.

In addition, this rule change can be applied retroactively.  This is great news for current and past junior college athletes who may have just exceeded the limit by one or two games!

The Junior College must apply to the NJCAA on the athlete’s behalf.  However, the athlete will need to provide appropriate documentation to support the application.

During a confidential consultation, Rick Allen can determine if you have potential to qualify for this medical hardship waiver. If so, we can guide and support you through the process. Call us at 913-766-1235 or send an email to rick@informedathlete.com for more information.

An NCAA Legislative Relief Waiver is used to grant relief from the standard rules imposed in a particular situation.

An For example, when a student-athlete transfers a second time between four-year colleges, their options for immediate eligibility are limited.

In most cases the student-athlete will need to serve a “year in residence” and won’t be eligible to compete during their first year when they transfer to a third four-year college.

In this case, a Relief Waiver is an option that, if approved, could be used to grant relief to the student-athlete from needing to serve a year in residence.

Common reasons that a student-athlete needs a waiver as a 4-4-4 transfer include:

  • The athlete moved home to save money and didn’t consider the athletic reasons for their transfer
  • The athlete wants to improve their grades while they consider where they will transfer next for an athletic opportunity.

We routinely draft eligibility waivers for student-athletes so their schools can submit the documents to the NCAA in an effort to gain eligibility, whether as a 4-4-4 transfer or for other transfer situations.

If you are a student-athlete (or a parent) and would like to how an NCAA Legislative Relief Waiver could possibly help in your particular situation, you can schedule a confidential consultation session online or call us directly at 913-766-1235.

NCAA Division I just passed a new rule effective in the 2018-19 school year that can benefit student-athletes who redshirted in their freshman year and then in a subsequent season are deprived of a season of competition for reasons beyond their or their school’s control (illness, injury, etc).

If a student-athlete meets all the required criteria, they could apply for an Extension of Eligibility Waiver and if approved by the NCAA,  receive a 6th year of competition in their sport.

While this rule has been in place at DII universities, it has previously not been available at DI schools because the redshirt year was not accepted as a reason to extend the clock. With this rule change, the redshirt year is now accepted as a reason to extend the clock.

To learn more about all the required criteria for this new rule and determine if you or your student-athlete are eligible to apply for this Extension of Eligibility, schedule a private consultation with us.  You can schedule online or call our office at 913-766-1235.