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See how Informed Athlete has helped student-athletes and their families navigate the complex NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, and CCCAA rules on issues related to Transfers, Waivers & Appeals, Eligibility Issues, Scholarship Strategies, and Recruiting Rules!

“Today is the day that our daughter’s NCAA account was updated to show that she is now a Final Qualifier for DI and DII in both Cross County and Track & Field! They accepted the community college course to bring her hours up to 16. She missed the week of camp in the mountains with the team, but the coach had other team members to stay at the school and train with her so it worked out well. She also missed the first meet yesterday because it had not come through.

I really appreciate your insight, advice and support throughout this ordeal. It really helped me to figure out what to do and to know our options. We are also very happy that she is at the school where she wanted to be, with the coach that wanted her even if she had to remain a partial qualifier, and knowing her learning disabilities.

Again, you have my sincerest thanks!”


“My Son, Will James, was a starter on the South Dakota State Wrestling team when he suffered a season ending knee injury in the first match of his Senior season. Will had also lost a year to a shoulder injury during his Sophomore season in the first match of the year.

We contacted Rick Allen at informedAthlete.com and Rick immediately gave us a recommendation that Will should be eligible for a Medical waiver. Rick asked for all documentation related to the injuries and put together a presentation for the NCAA committee.

We were thrilled when Will was awarded an additional year of wrestling after graduation from South Dakota State University. Will received a scholarship to continue his college wrestling career while starting Graduate School at Belmont Abbey College. He went on to record his second Academic All-American selection, finished 5th at the NCAA Super Regional Tournament and was team Captain for the Belmont Abbey wrestling team.”

– BILL JAMES from Charleston, SC
*Will James has completed his college athletic eligibility.

“Rick was able to guide us through the issues involved of moving from a D1 to a Junior College and back to a D1 university to ensure NCAA rules were not violated and to give us good information on the various options available to our son. Through our experiences, we have come to learn to value Rick’s opinion and have realized that it is difficult, if not impossible, to try and interpret the many rules and regulations that govern NCAA athletes unless you have a helping hand.”


“Thanks for informing us about the limitations on when a coach or athletic department can reduce or cancel a scholarship. The coach had implied that he may be reducing or taking away our daughter’s scholarship and understanding was rules was very helpful when our daughter had her season-ending meeting with the coach.”


“Rick Allen and Informed Athlete is an invaluable resource to athletes and their parents for the D1 Baseball recruiting, transferring and signing process. I only wish that we knew of Rick and his company when our son was in high school going through the recruiting process. Our son turned down scholarship offers from several schools to play at his “dream school.”

What we did not know was that D1 baseball only has 11.7 scholarships to give to 27 members of their 35 man baseball roster. That meant that 8 players on the roster were not “on money.”

We were ignorant and did not know that this meant those players (along with any walk-ons), could be cut from the team after fall practice and not count against the 35 man roster. In other words, the 27 players on money counted against the roster in the Spring so they were very unlikely to get cut no matter
what for that year.

Of course, our dream school did not tell us this. Worse yet, since they had officially recruited my son, he could not simply transfer to another D1 school that wanted him without sitting out a year.

Rick Allen guided us through the transfer from his D1 school to a JUCO program and helped us navigate very difficult and confusing rules on how that transfer had to occur if my son was going to transfer back to a D1 program after a year in JUCO.

Without his help and guidance, I am confident that my son’s career would be in serious jeopardy, if not over completely. Instead, he is thriving at his new D1 program.

College athletics is BIG BUSINESS that makes BIG MONEY. Do not let your son get caught in a numbers game or be put on the shelf like a commodity until the players in front of him move on.

Rick Allen can guide you step by step on every decision so you are armed with the knowledge to ask the right questions of your recruiting coach and program.

Do not risk your son’s career or trust that D1 programs have his best interest in mind. It’s all about the money, so get informed today by the best in the business.

Thank you Rick!!!!! Finally, someone with knowledge that we could trust and rely upon for the advice we needed.”


“I have been a subscriber to Rick’s Informed Athlete University for a few years now. Although our college athlete is well on her way to graduate (a junior in college), I maintain my membership for several reasons…Rick is highly qualified and provides a unique and valuable service that is worthy of him charging for his knowledge. After hearing about and observing less-than-happily-ever-after stories involving student-athletes, I feel it is well worth my money to continue my membership until our daughter graduates college.”


“Just wanted to let you know that we considered our consultation with you regarding our daughter’s transfer priceless advice. Transferring was one of the most difficult and emotional decisions ever. It was also the best thing – what a difference a new school and team makes! We are grateful for your guidance and recommend your services to families of young athletes regularly.”



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