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What You Should Know about NAIA Athletic Scholarships

If your athlete is being recruited by an NAIA college, it’s important to know that there are few standard regulations that are imposed on all NAIA colleges across the country regarding the awarding of athletic scholarships What does this mean for you? – Any policies addressing the awarding or cancellation of an NAIA athletic scholarship […]

NCAA Rules on Gambling – A Reminder to Student-Athletes

NCAA athletes, coaches, and athletic staff members are prohibited from participating in ANY sports wagering activity, AND are prohibited from providing information to individuals involved in any gambling activity (such as telling a friend or classmate that a point guard or pitcher is injured and won’t be completely healthy in an upcoming game). The NCAA […]

NCAA DII to DI Transfer: Immediately Eligible?

The answer depends upon a number of factors, some of which include: The athlete’s sport The athlete’s scholarship status The athlete’s academic standing The transfer rules are different for selected sports, and within those sports, may be different for a non-scholarship, non-recruited athlete. There could also be additional rules that are specific to the particular […]

Student-Athletes: Things to Consider Before you Drop a Class!

If you’re a college athlete who is struggling in a class, you may be thinking about dropping that class before the final exam. My Advice? DON’T!!!! — UNTIL YOU CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING: Will dropping the class affect my current eligibility right now? (If it drops you below full-time status, you’ll become immediately ineligible for competition.) […]

Additional NCAA Official Visit Opportunities

As of October of 2017, prospects who have completed high school can now take an additional set of 5 official visits to NCAA Division I universities, even if they already took 5 official visits while they were in high school.  There are restrictions for athletes currently enrolled in another 4-year college, and for junior college […]

Transferring to an NCAA school? Are you eligible?

We recently received this e-mail from an athlete: “I signed an NLI last Fall as a JUCO transfer to a Division II track program, but wasn’t informed until two weeks into this semester that I didn’t meet the academic requirements to be eligible. What options do I have?”   My first comment is that somebody at […]

Do you have questions about Medical Hardship Waivers?

Perhaps the most important factor in a Medical Hardship Waiver request is the medical documentation to substantiate the injury. The best case scenario for an athlete to be granted a medical hardship waiver is that the medical documentation from the actual time of the injury or diagnosis state that “this athlete is not yet released […]

When I worked on campus, the hardest thing I had to do was tell an athlete they weren’t academically eligible to play their sport.

If you are a High School prospect entering your senior year and graduating in 2019, NOW is the time to review your course enrollment to make sure you are on track to meet the NCAA or NAIA freshman eligibility requirements. Many high school athletes fall through the cracks and don’t meet the academic requirements to be […]

The Facts About “Guaranteed” Multi-year NCAA DI Scholarships

In 2015, the NCAA Division I “Power 5” Schools implemented a rule that has the effect of “protecting” Division I student-athletes from having their athletic scholarship cancelled or not renewed for any athletics reason.  Quite simply, a coach cannot take away a scholarship for poor athletic performance. Here are several facts about this rule: – This […]