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Is your academic eligibility in doubt after this semester?

If you are a college athlete (or parent of one) who struggled in the classroom this Fall and your academic eligibility for the Spring Semester is in doubt, it’s possible that your coach or athletic department could choose to cancel your athletic scholarship for the second semester if you are not eligible for competition. In […]

College Athletes: Considering a Transfer?

If you’re a four-year college athlete (or the parent of one) considering a transfer to another school, are you properly prepared to approach your coach and know what to expect?  Are you confident that you know what to say, and more importantly, what NOT to say? In our CONFIDENTIAL Consultation, we’ll guide you through all the steps, […]

For HS Recruits: College Experience Expectations

If you’re a high school recruit competing for an athletic scholarship offer, have you defined your college experience expectations?  Do you want to compete at the highest level possible and try to win a championship for your team – whether that’s a conference, regional, or national championship? Or, will you be completely happy if you’re […]

Medical Hardship Waiver Rules

I’m often asked by student-athletes “how many games can I play and still be considered a redshirt for this season?” The answer is that, with few exceptions, any amount of time spent in a contest for your college will count as a season of eligibility used. You could be a softball athlete who comes in […]

NCAA Division I Transfer Rules Working Group Update

The Division I Transfer Working Group continues to gather information and feedback from coaches, athletic administrators, and student-athletes to develop proposed rule changes which they intend to “…improve the transfer environment for colleges athletes, coaches, and teams.” It appears that the Working Group will be proposing a change from the current need for an athlete […]

Importance of Student-Athlete’s GPA in an NCAA Transfer

Some NCAA Division I coaches have been denying student-athletes’ permission to talk to other four-year colleges about a possible transfer unless the student-athlete has a GPA of at least 2.600. This can happen when teams are in danger of being penalized for a low “Academic Progress Rate (APR).” An NCAA Division I athlete with a […]

My Thoughts on NCAA Division I Coaching Scandal

I have been asked my opinion about the NCAA Division I Coaching Scandal regarding the news that four NCAA DI assistant college basketball coaches have been arrested on charges of corruption and bribery in allegedly using funds from shoe company contracts (directly or indirectly) to entice recruits to enroll at their universities. This morning I […]

Student Before Athlete!

This picture hit the national media this week.This picture hit the national media this week. You may or may not agree with this Dad’s tactics to get his son’s attention, however, he is correct about the importance of academics before sports. In fact, the NCAA has recently increased the academic requirements for a student-athlete to be […]