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JUCO Student-Athletes and Eligibility Issues at NCAA Schools

When a Junior College Student-Athlete transfers to an NCAA school and there are eligibility issues, it can create roadblocks to the transfer. Student-Athletes who start their college career at a junior college have differing academic requirements when it comes time to transfer to an NCAA school. For example: -Was the Junior College Student-Athlete a “qualifier” […]

Extension of Eligibility Waiver – Do you qualify?

NCAA Division I just passed a new rule effective in the 2018-19 school year that can benefit student-athletes who redshirted in their freshman year and then in a subsequent season are deprived of a season of competition for reasons beyond their or their school’s control (illness, injury, etc). If a student-athlete meets all the required […]

New Recruiting Opportunities Opened June 15

Friday, June 15th was the first day for NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball coaches to begin to place recruiting phone calls and send recruiting correspondence (emails, direct messages, etc.) to high school recruits in the graduating class of 2020. June 15 was also the first day for coaches in all NCAA Division II sports to […]

NCAA Division I Transfer Notification Approved

NCAA Division I representatives have voted to change the requirement that an athlete must first obtain permission from their university before coaches at other universities can speak with them about a possible transfer. The change in the rule does not take effect until October 15.  On that date, the need for “permission to contact” will […]

NCAA Transfer Working Group Update

There continues to be great interest in the discussions of the NCAA Division I Transfer Working Group and whether they will change the rules regarding possible immediate eligibility as a transfer athlete to a Division I university. Unfortunately, I learned at the recent NCAA Seminar that the Group is finding “…no consensus around a uniform […]