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An Important Reminder for Fall Sport Student-Athletes!

As college athletes are heading back to campus, here is an important reminder to Fall Sport student-athletes:  Participating in organized practices before classes start, even if you leave and withdraw from the school before classes start, will make you a transfer athlete under the NCAA rules and you will be subject to transfer requirements. If […]

NCAA DI “5-Year Eligibility Clock” Info to Know BEFORE School Starts!

NCAA Division I student-athletes have a “5-year eligibility clock” during which they can compete for up to 4 seasons. Student-Athletes at other four-year college divisions must complete their playing eligibility within their first 10 semesters or 15 quarters of full-time enrollment and attendance. It’s important to remember that a student-athlete triggers the start of their […]

NCAA DII Academic Requirements

We recently consulted with a student-athlete who was planning to transfer to an NCAA Division II college and learned that she won’t be academically eligible this Fall even though she earned her Associates Degree at her junior college in May. This student-athlete had not been informed that there are multiple NCAA DII academic requirements that must be satisfied […]

NCAA Legislative Relief Waivers Help Student-Athletes

An NCAA Legislative Relief Waiver is used to grant relief from the standard rules imposed in a particular situation. An For example, when a student-athlete transfers a second time between four-year colleges, their options for immediate eligibility are limited. In most cases the student-athlete will need to serve a “year in residence” and won’t be eligible […]

Student-Athletes and Outside Scholarships

Scholarships from high school booster or hometown civic clubs, or from a parent’s employer are considered by the NCAA as “Outside Scholarships.” Outside scholarships may not be allowed if: -the student-athlete’s participation in high school athletics or a club team was a major criteria for the award or -the donor entity or organization has ties to […]

NCAA Academic Requirements for JUCO Transfers

JUCO Student-athletes transferring to NCAA Division I or II programs should keep in mind that there are specific academic requirements that must be achieved to be immediately eligible at an NCAA Division I or II university. The NCAA academic requirements are different for Division I compared to Division II, and can also depend upon the […]

Academic Progress Rate (APR) and NCAA DI Transfers

The NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate  (APR) is a calculation that was designed to improve the academic standards of NCAA DI sports teams and the progress of NCAA Division I athletes toward graduation. Each NCAA DI scholarship athlete has two potential “points” that they can earn for their team at the end of each semester that […]

Does your athlete qualify for a Medical Hardship Waiver?

If a student-athlete appears in competition in the early part of their season but is injured or ill to the point that they are not able to complete their season due to “circumstances beyond their control” it’s quite possible that they might qualify to get their season of eligibility “over again” through a Medical Hardship Waiver. […]

Does your student-athlete want to de-commit?

This time of year we frequently get calls regarding student-athletes who are having second thoughts and want to de-commit from the college where they’ve signed an athletic scholarship or made a commitment to. The most common reason that a student-athlete wants to de-commit from the school they signed with is because the coach that recruited […]